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GRANT APPLICANTS - Due to potential browser issues, we suggest testing the "save" feature on your grant applications before starting your submission.  Please report any saving problems to mohr@senate.ucla.edu. We strongly urge the use of Google Chrome in completing your application as we work on resolving these issues. 



The ATmySenate web portal is a useful tool for faculty in all of your Senate activities. Through this site you will be able to apply for Senate Grants, submit award nominations, vote in Senate elections, and, eventually, manage your Senate Committee work, access the Senate grievance and charges processes, volunteer for Senate committee work, and view your Senate service history. Our long-term goal for ATmySenate is to enable all Academic Senate work through this one secure portal.

Volunteer for Academic Senate Committee Service - Members of the Academic Senate are now able to register their volunteer preferences (effective with the 2013-14 recruitment cycle) via the ATmySenate System. If you have an interest in serving on an Academic Senate committee, please take a moment to indicate your preferences for service by selecting the "Service" tab upon logging on. Should you have any questions about volunteering, please contact Kyle Cunningham at kcunningham@senate.ucla.edu, or by phone at 310-825-1162.

Academic Senate Elections – Members of the Academic Senate are now able to self-nominate or nominate colleagues for open seats within the Executive Board and the Committee on Committees. Nominations for the Vice Chair/Chair-Elect of the Academic Senate Los Angeles Division will open in April. Should you have any questions about the nomination process or access to the ATmySenate system, please contact 310-206-3802.  If you would like to nominate someone or be nominated for the Executive Board, please contact 310-206-3802.

Academic Senate Grants* - You are able to apply for the Faculty Grants Program, and COR Travel Grants through ATmySenate.

  • For questions regarding Faculty Research Grant, Trans-Disciplinary Seed GrantResearch Enabling Grant and COR Travel Grant applications, please contact Linda Mohr by email at mohr@senate.ucla.edu.

Academic Senate Awards - You are now able to prepare your 2015-2016 nominations for the Distinguished Teaching Award, Faculty Research Lectureship, Gold Shield Faculty Prize, and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award.

  • For questions regarding the award nomination process for the Distinguished Teaching Award, please contact Annie Speights by email at aspeights@senate.ucla.edu, or by phone at 310-825-3853.

  • For questions regarding the award nomination process for the Faculty Research Lectureship, Gold Shield Faculty Prize, and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award, please contact Annie Speights by email at aspeights@senate.ucla.edu, or by phone at 310-825-3853.

In order to access this system, you will need to use your UCLA logon. If you have any questions regarding your UCLA Logon, please visit the following site: https://logon.ucla.edu.

*Please note that a full history of Senate Grant data is not yet available. We are doing our best to make this available as soon as possible.

**The ATmySenate system may be down Mondays from 8am to 11am due to regular maintenance and update.

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Changes to the Travel Grant Program, effective 7/1/2015: Click Here

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